What are my skills?

What are my skills? In relation to work, the answer to this question is that you are able to properly carry out a specific task or solve a problem. This is also called a competency or skill. There are two types of competencies; soft skills and hard skills.

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soft skills

Two types of competencies

Most jobs require various different competencies. There are a large number of different competencies. One can distinguish between two types of competencies; soft skills and hard skills.

Hard skills

Many competencies are job-specific. These are referred to as hard skills. Hard skills are required for certain professions. A hairdresser, for instance, must be able to cut hair and know how to treat different hair types. A programmer must be able to program in a programming language, such as Java. Hard skills can be learned through training and education or by gaining work experience.

Soft skills

Some competencies are less job-specific and can also be desired in other professions. These are called soft skills. For example, as a hairdresser, you can easily make contact with customers and in doing so sell more products, but this skill is also useful for a salesman or representative. And as a programmer, you probably have analytical skills and excel at logical reasoning; traits that are also very valuable in countless other professions. Your soft skills are particularly interesting when switching careers. Would you like to know which soft skills you have? Take the competency test.


Entrepreneurial skills are also a great example of soft skills. You can distinguish three types of entrepreneurs; the classic entrepreneur, the franchisee and the independent entrepreneur. For every type of entrepreneur different skills are needed or desirable. Which typical entrepreneurial skills do you have? With the entrepreneur test you find out which entrepreneurial competences apply to you the most.