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What type of entrepreneur am I?

This entrepreneur test will show you what kind of entrepreneur you are. Not every entrepreneur is the same, although everyone has certain competencies that could be applied to entrepreneurship. Are you an entrepreneur who is daring, are you a go-getter, do you always come up with good ideas or do you excel at bringing people together? The entrepreneur test will help you find out which of these and other entrepreneurial competences apply to you the most.

Test your entrepreneurship in just 5 minutes

The free enterprise test is fun to do and yet the results are serious and accurate. This entrepreneurship test comprises 30 questions. For each question, you have to choose from two images. After 5 minutes, you will know which entrepreneurial competencies match you best. After completing the test, you will have immediate access to the results. You can also print or download them as a PDF for free.


Entrepreneur test report

You can see how you scored on each of the six entrepreneurial competences in the entrepreneur test report. Based on your two highest scores, it outlines what kind of entrepreneur you are. You can also see, in case you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, what kind of professions match your entrepreneurial competences.


Entrepreneur theory test

You can distinguish between 6 entrepreneurial competencies. These are: resourceful, cooperative, creative, responsible, persevering and confident. These six entrepreneurial competencies have a lot of overlap with those competencies from the widely-used big five personality theory. This test is therefore partly based on that theory. This increases the reliability and validity of the test.


User experiences after completing the entrepreneurship test

Ingrid – Owner of copywriting agency

"I just took the entrepreneurial test on Jobpersonality to see what kind of entrepreneur I really am. It's nice to see that the test was in line with what I felt. Funnily enough, the test even recommended me to become a copywriter in the event I didn't want to become an actual entrepreneur. I love it when my instincts are correct!"


Margot – Owner of a career consultancy agency

"Thanks to Jobpersonality, you get a glimpse of your qualities as an entrepreneur in just 5 minutes: a picture of your qualities as an entrepreneur emerges as soon as you fill in the questionnaire."