Job tests - Which jobs are best for me?

Take one of our job tests to find which jobs are best for you

We offer free tests. Each test examines a different career question. Do you want to know more about your interests, personality, or about your skills? Each test uses pictures (cartoons), is fun to do, has a reliable outcome, and takes only 5 minutes to complete.

INTERESTS: What kind of work do I enjoy doing? Which jobs match my interests? Take the free Career Aptitude Test to find the jobs you love.

PERSONALITY: Who am I? Which (work) environment matches my personality? Take the free Big Five Personality Test to find the jobs that match your personality.

SKILLS: What are my personal strengths and weakness? What are my competencies? Take the Competency Test to find the jobs in which your skills are of great added value.

VALUES: What are my work values? What do I want to achieve with my work? Take the Career Motivation Test to find the jobs which realize your values.

which job are best for me