Job tests - Which jobs are best for me?

Take one of our job tests to find which jobs are best for you

We offer free tests. Each test examines a different career question. Do you want to know more about your interests, personality, or about your skills? Each test uses pictures (cartoons), is fun to do, has a reliable outcome, and takes only 5 minutes to complete.

INTERESTS: What kind of work do I enjoy doing? Which jobs match my interests? Take the free Career Aptitude Test to find the jobs you love.

PERSONALITY: Who am I? Which (work) environment matches my personality? Take the free Big Five Personality Test to find the jobs that match your personality.

SKILLS: What are my personal strengths and weakness? What are my competencies? Take the Competency Test to find the jobs in which your skills are of great added value. With the Entrepreneur Test you discover your entrepreneurial competencies.

VALUES: What are my work values? What do I want to achieve with my work? Take the Career Motivation Test to find the jobs which realize your values.

which job are best for me