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Why is this competency test free?

The goal of this free competency test is to show everyone, regardless of age or educational background, which generic competencies suit him or her best. The results contain advertisements. This allows us to offer this competency test for free. You also don't have to 'pay' with your personal data. For example, there's no need to input an email address to view the results.


Which competencies are measured?

The most frequently mentioned generic competencies for common professions were studied in vacancies. Generic competencies are also referred to as soft skills. These are competencies that are useful in different positions and are therefore not job-specific. This is contrary to hard skills like welding or programming that are job-specific. Additionally, it was investigated which soft skills, partly as a result of robotisation, are becoming increasingly important. This analysis resulted in a list of six competencies of the future. These are; customer-oriented, collaborative, self-reliant, analytical, driven and creative.


Why should I take a competency test?

Which soft skills do I have, what am I capable of? After taking the test, you know which soft skills of the future suit you best. You can use this when applying for a job. For instance, show your skills on your LinkedIn profile or curriculum vitae (CV). In doing so, you show which in-demand competencies of the future describe you best. But the result of this competency test can also be used to consider a career switch or when choosing a profession. Soft skills are skills that are appreciated in many different jobs. To help you get started and give you some ideas, the test results also mentioned example jobs in which your soft skills are of great added value.


Skills test with pictures

competency test

For many competency tests, you need to fill in long questionnaires or check a series of skills to subsequently start selecting. This is often a boring and tedious task. This competency test uses pictures (cartoons). These ensure that the test is attractive to everyone. On your mobile or PC, you can simply swipe through the questionnaire within five minutes, after which you have immediate access to our advice. The use of pictures makes this non-verbal test more fun and accessible. By using cartoons, the competency test feels more like a game. But a game with a serious goal, of course, also referred to as serious gaming. Moreover, pictures provide visual clarification of activities or skills, which ensures a 'richer' questionnaire. Each picture represents a competency and is provided with a word or a few words to emphasise which soft skill or skill is concerned. In theory, anyone should be able to take the test without this explanation. Therefore, the questionnaire is also suitable for people with dyslexia or who don't master English as well.

Before you fill out the questionnaire, you'll be asked whether you choose images with a man or woman. Your choice will determine whether you complete the men or women's version of the questionnaire. It's been proven that many people prefer to see someone of their own gender practice a certain activity. In addition, questionnaires with images depicting both men and women often express certain stereotypes. Naturally, a questionnaire including only pictures of men or women solves this problem. And for those who don't want to choose between man or female, there is the option of no preference.


Skills test with printable report

After completing the questionnaire, you get the free results. Every result of the competency test is printable or can be downloaded as a PDF.