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The free career motivation test consists of 36 questions and only takes 5 minutes.

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What are my work values?

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How does this free Career Motivation Test work?

By answering 36 questions you can discover what your most important work values are. For each question you choose between two images. Each image represents a certain work value. After you have clicked an image for the last time, the result will immediately appear. In the report you can see what your score is on all work values. We also show you what your two most important work values are and what kind of work (environment) and professions are appropriate for this.

Which work values are tested?

The working value test measures nine working values. These are freedom, wealth, people, creativity, security, substance, society, power, and tangible work. These nine work values are reflected in various studies and theories about work values and work values. More information about the nine work values can be found in the background article about work values.

Career Motivation Test with images

career motivation test

The questionnaire of the career motivation test consists of images. For each question you have to choose between two images. In each image you see a man or woman portraying the same work value. Sometimes it will be difficult to choose, but that does not matter much for the total score. Prior to the questionnaire, you must determine whether you want to see the images with a male or female protagonist. This was chosen to avoid stereotypes about male or female values being confirmed by the images. If you do not want to or cannot express a preference, select the "no preference" option.

Career Motivation Test with printable report

You can download and print the results of the career motivation test as a PDF, free of charge. So you can share your work values with others or view them later.