Want to become a detective?

Are you thinking of becoming a detective? Find out if detective is the right job for you. Get answers to the following questions: What does a detective do? What personality traits do detectives have? Will robots replace detectives? How much does a detective earn and is it a job in high demand?

Want to know what personality traits you have and if the job of detective fits your personality? Take the free career aptitude test.


What does a detective do?

Working as a detective means that you conduct investigations to prevent crimes or to solve criminal acts or violations of the law. Often, detectives specialise in a particular field. Think of digital detective, financial detective, vice detective, technical detective, forensic detective, tactical detective and environmental detective.


What personality traits do detectives have?

There are two characteristics many detectives have in common. Detectives are often highly inquisitive (score highly in the INVESTIGATIVE category) and full of initiative (score highly in the ENTERPRISING category). Do you have the same personality? Perhaps the profession of detective would suit you. Not sure which personality traits you have? Take the free career aptitude test.

Will robots replace detectives?

Many jobs will be replaced by robots. How robot-proof are detectives? The chances of robotisation of a detective’s activities amount to 34%. This means that there is an AVERAGE CHANCE that the tasks and activities performed by detectives will be taken over by robots and smart software within the next 20 years.


Detective Vacancies and Salary

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